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Government & Community Leaders

Free Training for Non-Profits!

The Appalachia Nonprofit Resource Center is Open!

The Appalachian Regional Council (ARC) has created a virtual training space for nonprofits which includes free coaching! The program includes Financial Management, Mission & Operations and Fundraising. Help your organization reach its goals through operational effectiveness! Click below to learn more and start your organization's application- 

Municipal opportunities

Easy First Step...

NYSERDA's Clean Energy Communities Program

This program helps municipal governments learn more about clean energy-related policy options and incentives, helps guide leaders through the first steps, and the rewards the community with a small grant to help with a clean energy project!

Utilize Interns to help Clean Energy Initiatives!

Through this program, NYSERDA will provide funding to  local municipalities/counties interested in hiring interns to perform meaningful work in the clean energy sector. Clean Energy-related businesses are also eligible for this program.

Funding for Innovative Infrastructure

Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)

ARC funds several hundred projects every year in the Appalachian Region in a wide range of program areas, including community infrastructure and asset-based development. Both program and capital (construction) funds are available.

Know Your Federal Resources

Dept. of Energy's State & Local Solution Center

The DOE has built a toolbox for community leaders! Resources include Planning and evaluation tools, resources for finding funding, and institutionally-focused energy efficiency tools.

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